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What You Need to Maintain Before Towing

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Towing is a dangerous job more so if you are on an open road. You will worry about your vehicle, other vehicles, the trailer or vehicle you’re hauling, and the load it has. It is fulfilling when you arrive at your destination. But you will always feel apprehensive while getting there. It is understandable. This list will help you have a safer and more comfortable towing and not be too distressed about it. Here are things you need to examine before towing anything. 

  1. Tires 

Tires need to be properly inflated and should have the qualifications to be able to handle the load you will tow. Most people check the tires on the vehicle but not the trailer. The tires in the trailer should get more attention because they are the ones carrying the load and getting the most friction on the road. Also, they easily wear out compared to the ones on the towing vehicle due to dry rot. It is relatively easy to check if a tire is old enough to be replaced. Each manufactured tire has an alphanumeric code. The last 4 numerals determine when the tire was manufactured. The first two indicates the week of the year while the last two tells the year. Tires past 5 years old should be inspected for signs of wear and tear. Blowouts can happen anytime whether on the road or off it. If it happens to you, remain calm. Get out of the road as soon as you can. Call for professionals like Baldivis towing services. Another thing that can help you is to always keep an extra tire or two with you both for the vehicle you drive and the trailer.  

2. Mirrors 

It’s hard to see the entirety of the trailer or vehicle you are towing especially if it is long. Seeing the other vehicles will be a challenge as well. This is when extended towing mirrors can be of great help for better visibility. You can have your current mirrors replaced or you can opt for clip-on ones. If you already have and can now see better, should you decide to pass another vehicle, still you need to be mindful that you are carrying a heavy load. 

3. Wirings 

Some factories and manufacturers already pre-wires a vehicle or trailer for towing. And sometimes, the hitch already has a connector. If this isn’t the on BestMixer case for you, then you’ll need to do the trailer wiring by yourself. You always need to check the wires before you tow anything whether your vehicle or trailer is newly-bought or used but not worn. Whatever the case is, wires always need to be check so there won’t be any short circuits. All vehicles need to have working lights. Towing vehicles and trailers need to have running lights. If the problem is in the wires, you might waste your money by changing a perfectly working light.  

4. Fluids 

The most basic thing you can do when checking your towing vehicle and trailer or doing maintenance work is to refer to the manual. You need to regularly replace fluids and oil. Towing vehicles are 2-in-1 vehicles. The towing vehicle gets more stress, strain, and pressure because it hauls the trailer. For maximum performance, change them more often as well as the filters. 

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